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We have provided this web page for Spearman ISD Staff as a quick link to relevant areas and documents of this website.  Please let Nora Saenz know if there is any other information that might be useful and she can make it available here as well. 

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Video: How to request a day AND verify your day off.  Video: How to request multiple days off.     

Maintenance Request Form

Technology Maintenance Request Form

Transportation Request Form

Use of Facilities Request Form 

Requisition Form ** Form is a "View Only" form

Travel Reconciliation Form ** Form is a "View Only" form

HS Announcement Form

HS Field Trip Form

Employee Handbook

2016-17 Teacher Salary Schedule

2016-17 Auxiliary Staff Schedules

Instructional Technology Request Form

Grant Commitment Form

Criminal History Forms (CCH)

Mr. Montgomery's REMIND


     Introduction Video

   Week 1: video & slides

    Week 2: video & slides

(vocab pyramid files in email)

    Week 3: video & slides

    Week 4: video & slides

    Final Week: video &       slides


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Useful Resources & Links:

 Gus Birdwell TEKS Resource System Unit Reflection Form

Google Apps for Education     SMART Board Resources     School in Sites tutorial      Discovery Education           






 Employee Benefits:

TRS Active Care

First Financial Benefits

Teacher Retirement System

2016-2017 Health Insurance Premiums



2016-2017 Newsletters

Universal Availability & First Financial


403(b) Newsletter

Universal Availability Notice

Time to start planning ahead for your retirement. A great way to get a head start on retirement planning are 403(b) supplemental retirement plans. Our newsletter provides a one-stop guide to help employees enroll under a 403(b) plan. The plan is aimed to help employees plan for their financial future with the opportunity to start saving early. 403(b) plans allows contributions and investment earnings to grow tax deferred until withdrawal. 

Universal Availability Notice: First Financial Administrators, Inc. is also pleased to present your Universal Availability Notice for use by employers that sponsor 403(b) plans. The IRS Universal Availability requires for you provide all employees the opportunity to contribute to a 403(b) plan regardless of hours worked. If you do not allow for all employees then you are required to keep track of hours worked. In order for this deferral opportunity to be considered effective, an employee must be able to make an initial deferral election or change an existing deferral election at least once during each plan year. 

Annual Notification: All employees should be informed of their right to contribute. One method you can comply with this requirement is to distribute a notice to employees on an annual basis. The notice should tell employees of their right to make and change their deferral elections and detail any requirements for making such elections - such as when elections must be made. In order to assist Plan Sponsors we have created the attached. 

Additionally, if an employee becomes eligible to participate in the plan sometime during the plan year, he or she should receive the notice as soon as administratively possible. 

We have included information regarding the 457(b) plan in addition to the 403(b) plan. If you have an employee interested in signing up with a 457(b) please have them contact your First Financial account manager. Please refer to our website address www.ffga.com for all of your plan information such as: plans offered, approved vendors, summary of options, due dates, forms, your rules for solicitation and your Retirement Specialist name, number and email.  

Thank you for providing First Financial Administrators, Inc. with the opportunity to be of service to you. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Retirement Specialist at 800-523-8422. 


11811 N. Freeway, Suite 900
Houston,TX 77060

Kimberly Green

Retirement Services

First Financial Administrators, Inc.

Toll Free: 800-523-8422
Direct Line: 281-847-8422
Fax: 866-265-4594
Email: kimberly.green@ffga.com

For forms and employer plan information please visit our website at: www.ffga.com




Required Training

*If you have done this training, you do not need to do this again


Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

*Scroll down to middle of page to: "Click Here to Select Your Region" and select Amarillo as your Region


*Spanish link - Tomar en espanol


Recognition of

Maltreatment of Children and Child Abuse Reporting Training



This is a 2 hour webinar training.  Certificates need to be turned into Nora Saenz.  If you have already had this training and turned in your certificates, you do not need to do the training again.


 In-Service Policies & Info (REQUIRED):

Annual Employee Policy Notifications

2016-17 Employee Handbook

2016-17 Student Code of Conduct

Chapter 37 Student Discipline

Sexual Harassment/Discrimination/Retailiation Polices DH, FNC



Teen Violence/Dating Violence

Child Abuse/Suicide/Self-Mutilation

Civil Rights

Blood Bourne Pathogens

Migrant Program Video

Parents - A Valuable Source

Building Capacity Requirements

Allergy Awareness

Acceptable Use Policy

Generic Phone Training


Please click on the link below to access safety videos and quizzes. District login credentials are below. *For the best fullscreen viewing, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.


Username: spearmanisd@pwcp.com

Password:  ermiTN123