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Athletic Physical Forms (JH/HS Athletics):


 Campus Contact Information

District Office High School Campus Jr. High Campus

Gus Birdwell Elementary

Spearman ISD

403 E. 11th Avenue

Spearman TX 79081

PH: 806-659-3233

FAX: 806-659-2079

Spearman High School

403 E. 11th Avenue

Spearman TX 79081

PH: 806-659-2584

FAX: 806-659-3824

Spearman Jr. High

313 W. 5th Avenue

Spearman TX 79081

PH: 806-659-2563

FAX: 806-659-2243

Gus Birdwell Elementary

511 S. Townsend Street

Spearman TX 79081

PH: 806-659-2565

FAX: 806-659-2257

*Varsity gym is located at our Jr. High campus @ 313 W. 5th Avenue

*Lynx Stadium is located at our High School campus @ 403 E. 11th Avenue



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School Report Card

Plese click on the links below to view School Report Cards.  If you have any questions about the school report cards, please feel free to contact Mr. Clay Montgomery, Superintendent, at 806-659-3233.


 Texas Academic Performance Report


Technology News in the Classroom



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