Spearman High School

403 E. 11th Avenue, Spearman TX 79081

OFFICE: 806-659-2584 FAX: 806-659-3824

James Layman

Krista Baird

Krista Baird
Campus Counselor

Jodie Hight

Jodie Height
Campus Secretary

Claudia Soto

Claudia Soto
Campus Secretary

*Varsity gym is located at the JH campus ~ 313 W. 5th Avenue* 

*Lynx Football Stadium is located on this campus* 

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College Credit Courses

Students in grades 9-12 have opportunities to earn college credit through the following methods:

   - Certain courses taught at the high school campus, which may include courses termed dual credit, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or college preparatory;
   -  Enrollment in an AP or dual credit course though the Texas Virtual School Network;
   - Enrollment in courses taught at other colleges or universities; and
   - Certain CTE courses

All of these methods have eligibility requirements and must be approved prior to enrollment in the course.  Please see the school counselor for more information. Depending on the student's grade level and the course, a state-mandated end-of-course assessment may be required for graduation.

It is important to keep in mind that not all colleges and universities accept credit earned in all dual credit or AP courses taken in high school for college credit.  Students and parents should check with the prospective college or university to determine if a particular course will count toward the student's desired degree plan.