Kelli Vincent

7th ELA & Reading RTI



Teaching takes a big heart, and requires an extra-strong cup of coffee in order to shape the minds of our future generations! Over the past six years, I have been asked numerous times, why I teach. Honestly, on my most difficult days, I ponder the same question. However, stepping away from the state testing, the chaos of complicated bell schedules, and the hours it takes to dissect the TEKS, my response is simple; I teach because I have a heart for the students. Every day I greet my students with a personalized handshake that they have created. We dive into our curriculum with gusto and excitement eagerly experiencing a multitude of settings such as life in the 1930s through the eyes of Dust Bowl survivors, or we are venturing to Mexico placing ourselves at the center of a vineyard witnessing a house fire. I want my students to embrace their own learning, leave my room with a respect for education and realize that learning can and should be an adventure. I truly feel the best teachers, teach from the heart, not from a book. 

Unit 2B- Out of The Dust Poetry Unit