Kristin Shieldknight

Chief of Innovation



I've happily served teachers and students for the past fifteen years. As the Chief of Innovation for Spearman ISD, I am continuously researching effective strategies, methods, practices and programs to implement in our district. I do my best to support our teachers toward the effective integration of curriculum and technology in their classrooms. I was thrilled to bring GSuites for Education to our district back in 2013. With a hybrid of devices, including Chromebooks, iPads and Windows, we are capable of placing a lot of tools and skills in our teachers and students toolboxes.

I taught high school science, including A&P, Biology, IPC, and Chemistry for nine years prior to becoming the Chief of Innovation. I proudly assist in serving our Gifted and Talented students with our pull-out program for identified students in grades kinder through 8th grade. My experience and passion for education has helped drive me to become an innovative educator and look for what is best for teachers and students. My goal is to build upon what I already know, but not limit myself to myself. I'm open to and willing to embrace new learning, while continuously asking questions to move forward.


Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University, 2003

Master of Library & Information Science from Texas Woman's University, 2013


2004-2005- Booker ISD: JH and HS Science

2005-2013- Spearman ISD: HS Science

2013-        - Spearman ISD: Chief of Innovation

Kristin Shieldknight

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