Kristi Ramon

Teacher Mentor Coordinator/School Improvement Coordinator




Spearman ISD has been my home away from home for the past thirty years.  I remember the phone call I received from Mr. Larry Butler, Superintendent of Schools 1989, informing me of my hire as a first grade teacher.  I jumped up and down and even shouted in his ear!  I was so excited to start my career as an educator.   I continue my excitement for this profession (jumping up and down is a little harder!). 

My career started out as a first grade teacher.  I had the privilege of teaching first grade for fifteen years. I had an opportunity to hone in on teaching reading and becoming a trained Reading Recovery teacher.  I held that position for eight and a half years before going into administration.  Before retiring, I was the primary principal for Gus Birdwell Elementary.  After retirement, I was blessed with the opportunity to continue working for the school district part time.  I currently mentor teachers in their first, second, and third year of teaching, as well as, teachers new to the district.  The Lynx to Learning Mentor program was developed, and I continue to be excited about helping teachers.  I also coordinate; facilitate a number of federal programs. 

I am passionate about the students and staff of Spearman ISD and consider it a blessing to be able to help others.  


Bachelor of Science from Panhandle State University, 1985

Bachelor of Science from Panhandle State University, 1989

Master of Administration from North Western Oklahoma University, 2011 


1989-present- Spearman ISD

Kristi Ramon