LYNX to Learning

Lynx to Learning-Kristi Ramon

Kristi Ramon
Teacher Mentor Coordinator

Spearman ISD's Teacher Mentor Program

Spearman ISD's vision is to have an effective highly qualified beginning teacher program that partners with teachers new to the profession.  The mentor program provides support that is sustained over time and intended to further the education and professional development of the protégé.  First, second and third year teachers will receive mentoring, coaching and training in a variety of different levels (The Heart of Teaching).  We believe every teacher can be effective when given the training, support and time.

Everyone needs time to process new learning.  A thoughtful training plan has been established considering the amount of new information being taught, timing of the school year, and expected outcomes.   Seven teachers are part of this dynamic team called Lynx to Learning Teacher Academy.  

The Lynx to Learning Teacher Academy meets throughout the school year covering topics that inspires, supports, and encourages others so they are effective teachers that make a positive difference in the lives of their students.


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Lynx to Learning picture
Lynx to Learning picture
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Lynx to Learning Academy Team

Kyler Musgrave
Mark Oliver
Melissa Cardenas
Kelsey Laster
Jordon Hicks
Lizeth Guzman
Mandy Kitchens
Andres Cardenas
Diedre Tice

Kyler Musgrave graduated from Oklahoma Panhandle State University (OPSU).  He played football for the OPSU Aggies. 

Coach Musgrave teaches high school science.  He coaches football, basketball, and track. 

A future plan for Coach Musgrave is to obtain a master’s degree.  He enjoys sports and outdoors. 

We are glad you joined the Spearman ISD team.  



Mark Oliver graduated from Oklahoma Christian University.  He is married to Sheryl and they have two grown children.  He lives in Panhandle, Texas and commutes to Spearman. 

Oliver teaches sixth and seventh grade science at Spearman Junior High. 

He enjoys golf and spending time with his family. 

It is a pleasure having Mr. Oliver on the SISD team! 



Melissa Cardenas is married to Andres.  She is the Assistant Band Director for Spearman High School and Spearman Junior High.  She also teaches fifth grade music. 

Cardenas graduated from Hereford High School and West Texas A&M University.  Her honors include Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni and Mu Phi Epsilon Alumni. 

Cardenas works alongside with her husband Mr. Cardenas and together they make a great team!  



Kelsey Laster grew up in Stinnett, Texas and now teaches second grade at Gus Birdwell Elementary.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Master’s Degree in Art of Administration and Special Education.

Laster enjoys traveling, reading and camping. 

Her future plans include building a life in the Texas Panhandle.  We are glad you came back to the panhandle and are fortunate you chose to work at Spearman ISD.  




Jordan Hicks is married to Mary Beth and they have two children.  He is the fourth grade science and social studies teacher at Gus Birdwell Elementary. 

He graduated from West Texas A&M University.  He enjoys spending time with his family.  He also enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time. 

Jordan has been in the farming/oil and gas business prior to his profession in education.  We are glad you joined the SISD team!


Lizeth is married to Sergio and they have two daughters.  She is an instructional aide and is currently working on her degree in education.  She is in the U.S. Army Reserves and holds an Associate’s Degree in Secondary Education from Amarillo College. 

She plans to continue her education and become a certified teacher.  She enjoys running in her spare time. 

We are happy you joined the SISD team! 




Mandy Kitchens is married to Nathan, and they have three children.  Prior to teaching at Spearman ISD, she was a music paraprofessional at Williams Elementary, Perryton, Texas. 

She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English.  Her goal is to complete a master’s degree in the future. 

Kitchen’s hobbies include cooking, baking, reading and most of all spending time with her family.

SISD is glad to have you on the team! 




Andres Cardenas Casillas is the Band Director for Spearman High School and Spearman Junior High.  He is married to Melissa Cardenas.

He is a graduate from West Texas A& M University.  His previous experience includes student teaching at Palo Duro High School, Travis Middle School, and Mann Middle School in Amarillo, Texas. 

Cardenas began working for SISD January 2020 as the Assistant Band Director. 

We are fortunate to have you on our staff.




Deidre’ Tice is married and they have two daughters.  She teaches Health Science classes at Spearman High School.   

Tice is a certified LVN and has worked in many healthcare settings. 

She attended Frank Phillips College where she earned her LVN Degree. 

She enjoys getting to know her students and sharing her knowledge of healthcare.  Her hobbies include making leather jewelry, reading novels, and helping her daughter with her FFA projects. 

You are a great addition to the team!