We Believe
  • Students will find success when they are empowered to be invested in their learning.

  • Building relationships with students fosters a desire to learn.

  • Learning is enhanced when all stakeholders are invested in students.

  • All students can grow when learning is personalized.

  • Schools exist to cultivate a learning environment that supports students in becoming valuable, contributing members of society.

Our Call to Action
Spearman ISD students are developing the skills to become resilient, thriving, and contributing citizens.
Spearman ISD is looking to support the social/emotional and academic needs of our students by providing a learning framework which promotes intentional, differentiated learning opportunities while encouraging self-directed personal growth.
Our Learner Profile

The learner is. . .


An effective communicator

A collaborator

A hard worker and takes initiative

A problem-solver

Empowered to own his/her learning