COVID-19 Information

Coronavirus Disease info pic

In response to national news there has been increased concern regarding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus ( COVID19). Local health agencies are closely monitoring the situation in coordination with State and National healthcare agencies. SISD will take direction from our Local Health Department as well as the Texas State Health Department to provide best health practices for our students. 

 Spearman ISD is being proactive in prevention by:

  •  Following Texas Department of Health Guidelines for Illness related exclusion from school. Students will be sent home with fever of 100.4 or any other contagious symptom(vomiting/diarrhea, etc)  and will need to remain home until 24 hours without the use of medications to control the symptoms.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of school and buses will continue to prevent the spread of illness
  • Campus administration will work to help remind students and staff of everyday actions they can take to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. 
  • Administration will continue to monitor and communicate with Local Health Agencies and Texas Health Department on any new information. 

For the latest information please visit the Texas Health  Department website:

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