CNA News

CNS student picture

The Spearman High School students enrolled in the Health Science Practicum class recently took their CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant - exam.  SHS is proud to report that our students had a 100% pass rate! The students are now working on their Patient Care Technician certification and will be completing clinical rotations at Hansford County Hospital in lab, x-ray, and physical therapy.  At the end of the semester, they will take the PCT exam and, hopefully, earn a second certification. We are very proud of the students in the program and extremely proud of this great accomplishment.

Spearman High School would like to extend a big thank you to our local school board and administration who supported the implementation of this health science endorsement four years ago. The medical field is a growing industry and we are excited about the possibilities these certifications provide to our students.  We hope to see the program continue to grow in the coming years.

SHS would like to also extend a big thank you to the Hansford County Hospital District and the Gateway Education program.  This is truly a collaborative effort through the school and community and its success it directly tied to the cooperation of all of its stakeholders.  We could not ask for a better partner than HCHD!

In the picture are our 100% students:  Shaylyn Whiteley, Denise Serrano, Tamara Jacquez, and Susy Alvidrez.  Seated is our special helper, Simple Suzy the Basic Patient who was donated to the program by the West Texas Area Health Education Center.