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Spearman High School

Campus Info

Spearman High School

403 E. 11th Avenue

Spearman TX 79081

OFFICE: 806-659-2584

FAX: 806-659-3824


Mr. Kelly Carrell, HS Principal



*Varsity gym is located at the JH campus ~ 313 W. 5th Avenue* 

*Lynx Football Stadium is located on this campus* 


Tammy Batton, Registrar



Rhonda Baker, Office Secretary






Remind Message System

Spearman High School will be using the Remind messaging system for this year. As a parent, you can subscribe by text or using the Remind app.  Instructions are below.  All personal information is kept private, your phone numbers are not able to be seen.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Kelly Carrell, HS Principal at 659-2584.


To receive messages via text, text @spearmanhi to 81010.  You can opt out of messages at anytime by replying, 'unsubscribe @spearmanhi'




 Spearman High School

New Bell Schedule

*New schedule will begin Monday, Feb. 20th and will continue until the last day of school

*School will begin at 7:57am with the tardy bell ringing at 8:00am

1st Period


8:00 - 8:45


2nd Period


8:48 - 9:33


3rd Period


9:36 - 10:21


4th Period


10:24 - 11:09


"A" Lunch

5th Period


11:09 - 11:39

11:12 - 11:57


"B" Lunch

5th Period


11:57 - 12:27

11:42 - 12:27


6th Period


12:30 - 1:15



Failure Tutorials


EOC Tutorials



1:18 - 1:38


1:41 - 2:03



7th Period



2:06 - 2:51


8th Period



2:54 - 3:39



  • Failure Tutorials
    • For students with a 75 and below: these students will go to the teachers class they have a 75 and below in
    • All other students students will go to Homework Remediation (1:18-1:38)


  • Homework Remediation
    • Students with a 76 and above (1:18-1:38)


  • EOC/Prep
    • For all 9th-11th Graders and any Senior that has not passed EOC (1:41-2:03)


* Seniors that have passed all EOC tests and have an 80 and above will be dismissed at the end of 6th period (1:15)


*If you have any questions, call the HS office 659-2584


Family Tip Sheet