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Spearman High School & Administration Offices

403 E. 11th Avenue

Spearman TX 79081

High School office: 806-659-2584

Business office: 806-659-3233

*Varsity gym is located at the Elem/JH campus (below)


Gus Birdwell Elementary

511 S. Townsend

Spearman TX 79081

Office: 806-659-2565

Fax: 806-659-2257

Spearman Jr. High

313 W. 5th Avenue

Spearman TX 79081

Office: 806-659-2563

Fax: 806-659-2243

 *Varsity gym is at this campus










Alexis Beck 806-659-2584  Extn: 1818
Asst. Elementary Principal Email Alexis Beck
Kelly Carrell 806-659-2584  Extn: 1805
HS Principal Email Kelly Carrell
Wm. Clay Montgomery 806-659-3233
Superintendent of Schools Email Wm. Clay Montgomery
Kristi Ramon 806-659-3233  Extn: 1816
Teacher Mentor Coordinator Email Kristi Ramon
Kristin Shieldknight 806-659-2563  Extn: 1919
Chief of Innovation Email Kristin Shieldknight
Sally Swan 806-659-2565  Extn: 1907
School Nurse Email Sally Swan
Shane Whiteley 659-2563  Extn: 1810
JH Principal Email Shane Whiteley