Based on guidance from Hansford County Health Authority, Dr. Mark Garnett,
Spearman ISD has updated COVID-19 protocols including return to school
criteria. Exclusion from district campuses due to COVID-19 positive
status or close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual changes from
a minimum of 10 days to a minimum of 5 days. Students
and staff may return to school after 5 days if there is an improvement
in symptoms and the individual has been fever free without the use of
fever reducing medication for 24 hours. Please continue to monitor your
children daily for COVID-19 symptoms.  If symptoms are present, please
do not send your child to school and contact your physician for
guidance. You can access the complete updated documents on the Spearman
ISD website at the following links:

Spearman ISD Back to School 2021-2022 (English)

Spearman ISD Back to School 2021-2022 (Spanish)